September 18, 2006

No quotes.  No sources.  Just balls.
I’ve been thinking, and I’ve been wondering if we need to rethink dictator and totalitarian.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t it seem that some people just can’t do democracy?  I would say Iraq is a case in point, though not completely.  In Iraq the US has been attempting to create a democratic society of equality, justice, and freedom.  (I’ll have to think about my use of these words, but that may be a later post).  I think most of us can agree that these are pretty good things.  But let’s look at what’s happening.  Different militias and sects have taken this new, less brutal attempt at governance as weakness and are now attempting to destroy this nation.  It’s not just Muslim against American, but Shiite against Sunni against American against Kurd.  So here’s the question.  If Saddam hadn’t been bent on destroying America and killing his subjects wouldn’t he have been a safer bet?  An iron fist and an iron will may be the only thing that keeps some people in line.  I think we have to look at other countries and believe that if the people truly want freedom they’ll take it.  The US is the obvious example, as is Gandhi for India.  And this is the fundamental idea that only once a people earnestly believe for themselves in democracy and freedom will they truly be able to have it.


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