What God wants

September 21, 2006

My Dad pointed me to this post which pointed me here.
I love picking on the prosperity doctrine, not for any other reason really then it’s part of the hurt I experienced over a year ago now.  I mean I’m sure there’s issues with the theology of it, but I can’t discuss that, not until I’ve read enough to unpack it.  But here’s the question that’s asked.  Am I different from these preachers I make fun of and pick on?  Is the reason I’m so often mad at God because I want him to do my will?  I believe it was CS Lewis who said there are two kinds of people in the world.  Those who say to God, “Your will be done” and those to whom God says, “alright then, have it your way”.  The problem we all face is that God’s way doesn’t always make sense.  Sometimes it seems downright counter to what we’d want.   We love to talk about how God will fix all our problems and make our lives interesting, or happy, or just plain good while ignoring how Paul got beaten a large number of times for doing God’s will or how Job lost everything, and didn’t even get a reason for it.  I’m wondering how long I can hold out, I constantly feel like if I surrender to God, I’ll lose out on what I want.  But if God let’s me have it my way, I’ll be missing out on what he’s got for me.  Some things I’ll have to think about.

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