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Another poetry attempt…

November 28, 2006

I’ve kind of been experimenting with poetry of late.  Normally I write a song, than a melody, than lyrics.  The thing about that is that the emotional impact of lyrics is more to do with the way the melody works within the harmony than the words themselves.  Having realized this I’ve now been working on writings songs without music: poetry.  As well here at Augustine college we’re starting to read some interesting poetry that makes it easier for me to attempt to write it.  Anyway after that long introduction.  Here’s the poem:


Beauty sits beside me, whispering, distracting
while wisdom hangs in the air like droplets
barely suspended could fall and in doing
evaporate like a drip on a fire into mist.
Though it would be easy to be taken in,
her words are sweet and oh, so attractive,
yet these diamonds in the air they do glisten
demanding attention not allowing distraction.
I push myself to the edge of my seat
learning to trust that the truth is worth more
I could stare at beauty and yet never see
that this wisdom is now, not waiting for
me to pull my gaze from a beautiful face.
(there are beautiful faces, they do abound)
But these droplets of jewels if I let go to waste
will never again be allowed to be found.


Half a man.

November 23, 2006

I am only half a man.  A man half as great as me
lives unaware of the recurring themes:
the faults he has, the mistakes he makes,
the words he says, than proceeds to break.
A man twice my character would be
a man who corrects courageously
the faults which he notices he turns
to ash and thus he virtue earns.
But I live neither in ignorance and free,
nor have the character to change these
faults which scream to me what I am.
What am I?  I am half a man.


A hilarious comment

November 23, 2006

I just saw this on engadget and had to repost it.  It’s in response to something, I’m not sure which, but is hilarious.  The story itself is pretty good to.

I thought everyone knew that Canadian Tire money was the real Canadian currency. Why else would the Canadian mint keep trying to make their money look like Canadian Tire money?

I guess that was to much explaining for one simple comment.  What can I say?  I’m verbose.


Sick and Cranky

November 21, 2006

I’ve finally managed to get sick, after spending two weekends with my family while all of them were sick.  Then coming back to the college and having everyone else get sick while all this time feeling perfectly good myself.  I started to believe it wasn’t going to happen to me.  Then over the last few days, I started get a sore throat in the morning.  Finally, Sunday morning, while I was in Montreal, I woke up with my throat really sore and just feeling generally awful, by today it was a full fledged cold.

What does this mean?  I can’t think straight.  I wanted to comment about the Mark Driscoll incident, but can’t seem to form a cogent argument.  I have some other posts I want to finish including one on evolution, but I still haven’t formed the arguments to the point where I think they’re respectable enough to publish here.

So yeah, today no moral tale or deep thoughts just me with a stuffed head writing on a laptop in my bedroom.  I guess you could consider this like a diary entry without the pretense that I don’t want someone to find it and read it.  So back to hacking, couging, and trying to write an essay for school.


Islamic Reformation

November 17, 2006

This is a longer version of my comment on this. As a moderate christian I do quite often start off feeling offended when a comparison of someone like Bin Laden is made with someone like Luther. I feel these are two different and distinct individuals. Though Luther did enter into some more dangerous territory later in life I still have to respect him as the impetus behind reforming where the church was going wrong. I do realize there are shameful acts in the history of our church as a whole, there are even shameful acts in the lives of some of the great heroes of the faith. At the same time though I do wish to emphasize the main differences between the Islamic reformation and the Christian one.

Christianity is a religion of peace, it began and was spread by those who preached, debated, and prayed as the tools for spreading their faith. All the while these founders of our faith were persecuted and never (to my knowledge) reacted with anger or force. When it has turned to war it has been for secular ends cloaked in spiritual motives enabled by general ignorance (I’m thinking specifically of the crusades here). Islam, even by the end of Mohammed’s life, was well acquainted with war, it’s rapid rise in the 7th century is specifically due to the use of force in extending it’s sphere of influence.

Christian scriptures (specifically the New Testament) nowhere advice the unrestrained killing of those who don’t accept the faith. When (or if) Luther said “in such a war, it is Christian and an act of love to strangle the enemies confidently, to rob, to burn, and do all that is harmful until they are overcome.” (I can’t find this through google) he wasn’t quoting his holy text to justify the advice of killing others. Bin Laden frequently does.

The best comparison and also contrast between the Christian Reformation and the Muslim one is that it is due to an increase in literacy and access to the holy texts of the respective religions. I would argue (and hopefully one day will have the means to) that if the Christian reformation had happened 7 centuries earlier there would have been no crusades. It was precisely by putting the scriptures in the hands of the people that Christianity’s peaceful motives and means were restored. By putting the Koran in the hands of it’s people we see a return to the roots of it’s faith. Religion by the sword.


The Generational Divide

November 15, 2006

I had no idea that this would spark the conversation it kind of has. It is something I think about quite frequently and apparently it struck a chord with a few people.  This, from Barbara Nicolosi, brings up the same idea in terms of pointing it out in a movie that, after reading her blog, I probably won’t watch.

I think it’s fairly obvious that there is a tension between the baby boomers and their kids.  I’ve had a number of people point out some reading material for me to dig into.  As I do I’ll post more thoughts along those lines here.

I guess as an aside I should also say I’m working on some other posts on other thoughts that run through my head.  As I feel they reach completion I’ll hoist them here.

Props to Ed Brenegar for pointing out the Church of the Masses post.

Oh, and thanks to my Dad for linking to the the orignial article.


of Cabs and Cop Cars

November 11, 2006

So tonight David and I went to see “stranger than fiction” which would be an apt to way describe our night.
The night starts with our spur of the moment decision to go see Borat. We check the times and see that we’ve got to boot it out of the house to make it. We run to the bus stop only to get on the wrong bus, we get off after asking the bus driver where we were going. When we check the times we discover the bus we need will be showing up as Borat starts. So we start walking in the direction of the theatre and hail a cab. Our cab driver turns out to be nuts, swerving in and out of traffic and speeding like a madman. We arrive only to be dropped off at the wrong end of the plaza. We boot it over to the theatre only to discover that Borat has sold out.
Making another spur of the moment decision we decide to see Stranger Than Fiction, which I enjoyed, you know I thought it was a nice drama that let Will Ferrel show some more range of emotion than his usual over the topness.
Anyway we get out of the theatre and walk over to the bus stop. David is telling me about his theory of critiquing and what he liked and didn’t like about the movie. Then as we’re waiting for the bus this idiot 16 year old kid, clearly drunk, comes up and just stands beside us. David turns to him and asks what he wants, and the kid says, “to fight you two”. David says he doesn’t want a fight but the kid starts getting in our faces so we walk into the shelter and close the door on the drunken fool. This kid walks over to the other door and comes in, David walks back out onto the platform, but I just kind of stand in his way and ask him, “Why are you doing this?”. He gets right up into my face nose to nose, calls me some names, spits at my feet. The whole time I’m telling him I don’t want to fight him.
Eventually Dave and I walk away, but this guy starts following us while one of his friends, (his buddies have now walked over) starts yelling at the one guy who didn’t just look away, but said something. Now the first idiot is starting to shove Dave, so, not being a fighter, and thinking that all this is just going to get worse. I call the police.
While I’m on the phone with the police, fool # 1 shows up and starts getting in my face, asking me who I’m talking to, and starts grabbing at my hand. I ask him if he wants to talk to them, as he’s been grabbing at the hand with the cell phone and he takes it from me. He hangs up on the cops, who are now on their way. Getting his buddies he starts to try and pick the fight again, I tell him to give me back my cell phone and that the cops are on the way. He finally clues in to the fact that I had called the police, so he and his buddies start walking away. I ask for my cell phone, than block his way. He grabs me, puts me in a head lock, I get out. And he walks off, I follow them, and finally he tosses my cell phone up in the air. I caught it, or else that would have been it for the third cell phone on this plan.
The police show up and we talk to them, they go after the guys while we wait in the station. Eventually a second officer shows up and asks us if we want to press charges. I was kind of caught in a bit of dilemma, these guys are young, and I figure that this could wreck their lives. At the same time I’m mad that all this happened. Eventually we find out that they’re being given a ticket for being drunk in public and that the police will be driving them home and talking to their parents. Figuring that that was lesson enough I thought it best to leave it at that. As we drove away we saw them further along in the parking lot, handcuffed and being reamed out by the first police officer to show up. We get back to the house and tell Kevin our housemate about it. He shows us some self defense stuff, and than suggests we pray about it. So we did, asking God to work through this whole thing for them.

As usually happens I’m getting the post situation anger. I’m mad that this all happened, and I can’t stand idiots, I would have loved nothing more than to deck the guy and between Dave and myself we could have given him a lesson. I guess that’s something God’s going to have to work out in me. While I’m thinking about it I guess this relates to my last post. What situation are these kids in that they’re willing to get drunk and pick fights with strangers? How sad are they that this is something they want to do on a friday night? When we prayed I asked God to work in the families and the brokenness that these kids have obviously experienced. I hope he does.