The Generational Divide

November 15, 2006

I had no idea that this would spark the conversation it kind of has. It is something I think about quite frequently and apparently it struck a chord with a few people.  This, from Barbara Nicolosi, brings up the same idea in terms of pointing it out in a movie that, after reading her blog, I probably won’t watch.

I think it’s fairly obvious that there is a tension between the baby boomers and their kids.  I’ve had a number of people point out some reading material for me to dig into.  As I do I’ll post more thoughts along those lines here.

I guess as an aside I should also say I’m working on some other posts on other thoughts that run through my head.  As I feel they reach completion I’ll hoist them here.

Props to Ed Brenegar for pointing out the Church of the Masses post.

Oh, and thanks to my Dad for linking to the the orignial article.

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