Another poetry attempt…

November 28, 2006

I’ve kind of been experimenting with poetry of late.  Normally I write a song, than a melody, than lyrics.  The thing about that is that the emotional impact of lyrics is more to do with the way the melody works within the harmony than the words themselves.  Having realized this I’ve now been working on writings songs without music: poetry.  As well here at Augustine college we’re starting to read some interesting poetry that makes it easier for me to attempt to write it.  Anyway after that long introduction.  Here’s the poem:


Beauty sits beside me, whispering, distracting
while wisdom hangs in the air like droplets
barely suspended could fall and in doing
evaporate like a drip on a fire into mist.
Though it would be easy to be taken in,
her words are sweet and oh, so attractive,
yet these diamonds in the air they do glisten
demanding attention not allowing distraction.
I push myself to the edge of my seat
learning to trust that the truth is worth more
I could stare at beauty and yet never see
that this wisdom is now, not waiting for
me to pull my gaze from a beautiful face.
(there are beautiful faces, they do abound)
But these droplets of jewels if I let go to waste
will never again be allowed to be found.

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