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Making plans

December 31, 2006

Well here is a New Years resolution I need to make. Commitment. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do for New Years Eve and was kind of floating around with my options. I eventually decided that I wanted to get back to Ottawa for a New Years Eve shindig my college is doing. The problem was that by the time I’d finally decided to do that I had no way of getting to Ottawa. What’s the little moral of this lesson: If you don’t commit in time, time commits for you. It seems time has commited me to a New Years Eve party of one.


This brought tears to my eyes

December 24, 2006

And I’m not sure of the reasons for it, maybe it’s because I’m still sick.

You can find it here.


Canada Geese

December 21, 2006

I wonder if they are called that anywhere else. I was looking outside my window right after getting home this morning and noticed a flock of them just hangning out across the street. The first thing I thought was, “It is almost Christmas, why haven’t they migrated yet?”. The second thought was a little scarier, “I wonder if they already have”.  I feel to young to be saying, “I remember way back when…” but I do remember that we used to have snow on Christmas here in Toronto.  If I got a toboggan for Christmas, I could (and did) use it on Christmas.  Oh well, It looks like dreaming is as close as I’m going to get to a white christmas this year.


Tales from the subconcious #1

December 15, 2006

I’ve done it,

I’m out, my fingers are dancing across this keyboard like little fairies dancing on the wind.  Unfortunately I’m still trapped, I’m still in the skin I’m in.  I’ve been seeking escape for some time now.  I’m longing to discover what it is like not to be the center of the universe.

It becomes difficult sometimes to maintain sanity when instead of believeing that no man is an island, you perceive that every man is an island.  We’re all islands, anchored to the earths crust yet trying to send messages across the waves to the other islands all around, but all we can see is shore and trees.  I can’t see the little mouse that just dove for cover as the owl went after it.  I can’t see pain scraping away inside your mind… most of the time I don’t even think there is anything but the beach and the trees and the smile you put on with your make up.


A weird thought.

December 12, 2006

I just had a weird thought.  I think that when someone says that a person made a mint, they don’t necessarily mean that they made a lot of money, I mean they do, but I think what that saying actually means is they literally built a mint, like the canadian mint.  They created something to create money.

A bit random, yes, but so am I.



December 6, 2006

Well I should be studying but… I don’t feel like it?

I realized something bizarre and very cool for the first time today, I think it was in Science, Medicine, and Faith with none other than the illustrious Dr. John Patrick.  It was that I belong to a 2000 year old tradition.  No, this tradition isn’t Augustine College, it’s the church.  I’d never really thought about it before, I tried thinking of other things I belong to that could even compare.  Genetically speaking I guess my lineage goes longer, though I don’t believe it traces back to monkeys or bacteria, how degrading would that be.  But even then, I don’t have anyone much past my grandfather or great grandfather to look back to.  We’re not even sure if Kinnon is a derivative of McKinnon or Keenen that got changed when my ancestors came to Canada from the british isles.

I’m currently at a school that can trace the origins of its model to the middle ages, however it’s existence has only been for ten years.  The professors here mostly belong or belonged to universities; which trace their inception back to the late middle ages.  So I’m left with the church, the oldest institution I belong to.

It’s kind of weird to think about what this means.  It seems that these days everyone wants to abandon tradition in search of the great new thing, whatever that might be.  However I can now see why the Roman Catholic church is so slow to move on some issues, and may never move on others.  No other institution can claim to speak from history like the Roman Catholic church can.   What I find cool is that though I’m a protestant I still belong to this tradition.  After all if a son leaves home, even in anger, isn’t he still a member of that family.  In terms of the Roman Catholic church it seems a lot of people want to trash it, including members of the protestant community.  However how easily we forget that it was this church that carried western europe, indeed our very culture, through the better part of the last two millennia.  I’ll have more to say about this in the future.

However this Revelation struck home with another point.  I have some views that are pretty traditional or conservative but this is the cool thing about having a conservative view point.  You have the weight of history behind you, especially with some of the topics that are coming up today.  I know that no matter how many people in this day and age look at me as having backward views, I stand with hundreds of millions more who have lived and died through the course of time who would carry similar, but not identical, views to me.  Frankly I’ll take the proof of history over the experiments of modernity any day.


Honesty, completely

December 4, 2006

Maybe I shouldn’t talk about this, but I guess I’m going to.  No, it’s not about me being honest, I hate the idea of using this blog to whine if I’m going to do that, I’ll do it on myspace.

Nope this is something that came to me while I was looking at different peoples facebook albums.  Two different things hit me.  The first is that I can (relatively) anonymously look at my friends pictures that they post without telling them.  This is slightly creepy, it’s kind of like opening up your family’s photo albums for all the world to see.  Mind you I guess this is kind of the point, but still there are some people I don’t know that well who I have as friends on facebook; so maybe I should just delete them.  I’ll have to ponder that.

The other idea hit me when I noticed one of these people I apparently don’t know all that well doing something I never really thought they would do.  I realized that with facebook, myspace, and also the personal style of blogging that we’ve opened ourselves up to the world.  Now people are willing to share their stories, pictures, faults, vices, all this and more with the world.  The thing about something like facebook is that for people in my generation it is something we use to display things that we know our parents won’t see.  This may seem counter to my post on similar themes somewhere below.  However I imagine there is still some shame involved in drinking and drugs.  At least to the level that we wouldn’t want our parents to know about it.  I’m not really sure what this is about, except that I feel like facebook allows people to completely display themselves before the world.  Which for some reason disturbs me.

Just something I was thinking about.