Sweet soon I’ll be able to have two wives… at the same time

January 5, 2007

Good ol’ activist judges…

I just saw this from the national post. Apparently a panel of three Ontario justices has decided to legally recognize a lesbian couple and a sperm donor father as the parents (that’s right three parents) of a child. I’ll lay the greater ramifications of this aside for now.

Essentially this is just further breakdown of the idea of the “nuclear family”. So here is my prediction. Frankly it’s unfair to allow a child to have two mothers but to deny a man two wives (or a woman two husbands, we’ve got be egalitarian now). So long as everyone in the situation consents to the relationship(s) what’s the harm right? So my prediction is that this is the next step in the breakdown of the traditional idea of the family: multiple spouses.

It’s weird to actually see this stuff playing out before my very eyes. What disturbs me the most is that as far as I can tell there was no democratic process involved in this decision. Three appointed judges got to make a decision with lasting ramifications without the people of Ontario being consulted. Is this the future of lawmaking in Canada?

In my next post I’ll try and talk about some of the predictions Douglas Farrow made about the greater ramifications these sort of decisions are leading to.



  1. Yeah dude it will be sweet all these wives, I will have my own harem like King David.

    On a serious note I am also concerned with this issue. I believe that what these activist judges are doing they truly believe. I think that they actually believe whole heartedly in the laws they are making. They believe that what they are doing is good.

    First I would like to say that Jesus said that Satan is the father of all liars, and that Jesus is the truth. That is where the problem is at, in the mind of these judges. Lies, lies, lies I wonder where from? There is a lot of things that need to be dealt with on our knees before God asking him to send his Spirit to convict of sin (including lies), righteousness and judgment to come. There is a place for political activism amongst the Christians but I feel that sometimes Christians bank too much on that and forget that it is God who puts people in authority and out of it.

    Hey just a thought.

    the EMPEROR

  2. happy birthday liam

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