Bye Dundas

January 10, 2007

Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye, sometimes it is impossible to believe you have to.  I do not want to feel sad about a dog.  But she wasn’t just a dog, she was Dundas.  She was the humor when we didn’t have any.  She was the family member who didn’t understand why we were upset, but knew how to comfort us.  If God reveals himself through his creation I think he reveals his unconditional love through dogs.

She had just gotten sick, I didn’t think she would go while I was gone, every time I think about it I get sad, so I just try to not think about it.  But I’m really going to miss her.  I already do.

Bye Dundas


  1. Thanks, Li. You said it better than I did.

  2. I remember a conversation Suzanne and I had about a year ago now – we were discussing pets and losing them. They are like our children/brothers and sisters – they have thier bad and good moments, but we love them inspite of it.

    My cat died well after I left my parents place and was married. She was 16 years old. She still slept on my bed whenever I visited.

    I’m looking at our two dogs now, and although I know the day is coming when I have to say good bye to them, I don’t want it to come.

    They are part of our family, aren’t they?

  3. Hey there Liam,

    So sorry to hear your sad news. It is tough to lose a member of the family. Guess there will be slightly less noses in crotches in the Kinnon household now.



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