January 18, 2007

I’m listening to the new Godspeed EP by Anberlin, their prerelease for the upcoming album Cities.  All I can say is I’m excited.  I think this upcoming CD has the potential to be their best yet.  This EP is great.  The song “Godspeed” is an amazing rock song that defies categorization.  It’s got great riffs and hooks, it’s fast, with a great melody.  The guitars are awesome with a solo that’s half classic rock half shred.  The song “Haunting” is a striking power ballad that surprised me repeatedly.  Anberlin is a great band.  Stephen Christian’s voice is amazing, Joseph Milligan is a great guitar player, and the rest of the band is solid as well.

You can download the Godspeed EP off of iTunes or wait for Cities to drop February 20th.


One comment

  1. Dude, if possible, please “post” a “way” for me to “receive” The Haunting by Anberlin… (through my email.) I cannot find any other way to listen to it, as I live in South Korea… I heard it’s absolutely amazing.

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