Is it any wonder I’m tired?

January 20, 2007

Sick and tired that is. I’m not one for politics in general but I have to say that I’m borderline hating the Liberals. I’m not quite sure what it is. Sure they’ve stolen millions of dollars (Maybe even billions if we ever hear where all the money for the gun registry went) from the Canadian people. Sure they’ve been dishonest and openly insulted our closest ally and trading partner (that would be the US). But maybe it has to do mostly with their sense of entitlement. I just read the Toronto Stars (first mistake) coverage of Dion’s unveiling of his caucus. Between the reporter/columnists slant and what Dion was saying I was insulted. According to Dion, “We have a government that is very far right and out of touch with most Canadians”. First, I think it is insulting that right has become an insult in Canadian politics. I happen to be further right than the Conservative party which still puts me in agreement with much of what the NDP has to say about the environment. But more importantly is the idea that the Conservatives are out of touch with most Canadians. This is what gets me going. Are the Liberals so quick to forget that they stole from the Canadian people, not just money, but our trust too. What really scares me though is that Canadians themselves may be quick to forget as well. I just hope Stephen Harper works well with the NDP in terms of revamping the Conservative environmental strategy. They need their support. Winston Churchill said that “if you are under 30 and a conservative you have no heart and if you are over 30 and a liberal you have no brain”. I’m only 20, I guess I’ve had my heart stolen from me.


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