May 26, 2007

I’ve been plagued by doubt over the last few weeks. One thing that has been driving me up the wall is just the realization of the massive amount of time that has passed by since the universe began.

Since I’ve been able to think rationally I’ve never believed in a 6,000 year old earth. Science has done a pretty convincing job of proving that wrong. Looking up Homo Sapiens on Wikipedia reveals that we’ve been around for 120,000 years. That leaves 114,000 years of time that humans were around but what went on during those years is not recorded in the bible.

I was thinking about this and starting to wonder if I’d bought into a lie when something occurred to me which frequently tears down the issues I face in terms of what science says. This would be Jesus. Something you cannot escape is the fact that a person showed up roughly 2,000 years ago and, without writing anything down, managed to convince a group of the lowest of the low that he was God. These lowest of the low, in the face of overwhelming opposition, also began to tell other people this story of the God who became man and took on the faults of the world.  They managed to convince a lot of people, and the movement exploded, taking off on an unprecedented scale.

You can’t escape Jesus. You can’t point to science, which has believed many wrong things in the past and will continue to believe wrong things into the future, and say Jesus didn’t exist. He did exist. You can say he didn’t come back from the dead, but as I’ve written earlier, you would be ignoring all the circumstantial evidence.

I’m always left with taking Jesus over what science has to say about faith. Because science can’t explain him away.


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