Freaking Wow.

July 22, 2007

I just saw the police.  I have very few words, only that this was a dream come true, to finally see a band I thought I would never get the chance to see.  A band that has heavily influenced my music writing and my guitar playing (Andy Summers is brilliant).  It was not only a dream come true, but is now the best live performance I’ve ever seen.

Sting is still my favorite vocalist, and managed to go for two hours with very little difference between when he started (awesome) and when he finished (still awesome).  Andy Summers, as previously mentioned, had fantastic tone, was dead on with the riffs and solos, and dead on with the new riffs and arrangments they’ve come up with.  Stuart Copeland has always been one of my favorite drummers.  His work tonight was beyond the recordings.  He was so much fun to watch, and whether playing drums or hopping over to his percussion set up, he was everything and more than their catalogue shows.

Anyway, I’ll stop the gushing now and go to bed, with a little tune running in my ears. De do do do, de da da da, is all I want to say to you.

Well, I guess I said a little more than that.


  1. It was truly a great show, Li! Glad to be there with you. Rylan and Kaili will have to wait ’til November to enjoy it.

  2. Thanks for the link to my blog. I’m honored you would read it at all.

    The Police were down here in Miami, and I missed it. I’d long said they were the ONLY “reunion” act I’d be interested in seeing. I’ve heard what you’ve written here: they’re still tight.

    Totally agree on Andy Summers’ tone, too. I have a thing against Sting’s pomposity, but I can’t help but love him, too. Same thing with Copeland. There’s no reason, save their mutual enmity, a new studio album wouldn’t be outstanding.

    My wife and I listen to Mute Math a lot, and 50% of our love for them is, “Man, that’s Police-like…”

  3. […] The Police. As you can read here I love the Police. They came from the eighties. That is […]

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