Friday Five #3

September 21, 2007

Today we have yet another collection of five. Following the mention of my love of Pop music I figured I would give my top 5 pop songs. These are not of all time. Just the first 5 songs that I think of that I also like right now. I also realize some may be classified as RnB or Rap. I still throw them under this as popular music.

#5 Is the one that would be easiest to guess. It is Gimme More by Britney Spear. I’ve already talked about it here. ’nuff said.

#4 Stranger, Hillary Duff. Saw the video for this while playing Ping Pong with a buddy. It’s unfortunate that she has decided to go the skankily dressed route. Hopefully she doesn’t get into the drinking partying scene she has thus far avoided. However the song is great. Liberal use of the ebow, a cool middle eastern riff, and distorted guitars. A definite plus for me.

#3 What Goes Around, Justin Timberlake. This Timbaland produced track is probably the only thing that makes me not hate Justin Timberlake for the awfulness that was Sexyback. The cool, I believe Dobro riff followed by a great melodic structure is great. The only weakness that Timbaland and his apprentice Danja (producer of Gimme More) really have is outros. We don’t need to hear your voice in every song.

#2 Umbrella, Rihanna. Rihanna has a great voice. This song too is all about the music. Mostly synths and beats, it still works really well. The intro by Jay-Z, though not really in the spirit of the rest of the song is still pretty cool.

#1 Stronger, Kanye West. I am aware (now) that the talkbox/vocoder effected voice is Daft Punk. Kanye West has taken this piece and constructed an entirely new song around it. The lyrics have some good moments, some funny moments, and some unnecessarily crude moments. But the reality is that between the drum beat and Daft punk voice this song is made. Everything else is just frills, nice frills, but frills none the less.

There you have my Friday Five. Now to think of a top 5 for next week.


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