Some People shouldn’t have to ask.

October 10, 2007

I’m bad with the blogroll.  Just like I’m bad with the actually reading blogs.

To be honest I mostly read blogs that my Dad points to and the news.  Which is why I usually don’t add a whole lot to the blog roll.

However recently there have been two blogs I have been checking with regularity apart from my Dad and Brant Hansen.  Those are nakedpastor (David Hayward) and Asbo Jesus (Jon of no last name in his about page).  Both are quite hilarious and profound cartoonists and artists.  David Hayward also has wonderfully honest commentary from the other side of the pulpit.

In other news I plan on blogging more, as I always do, just busy with midterms and distracted by shiny things.

I’ll also reiterate that I’m always looking for more blogs to read.  So you are welcome to recommend some either by email or in the comments.


One comment

  1. thanks liam for the link! awesome. looking forward to reading what you have to say!

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