Topple Sudan Now!

January 15, 2008

Now here is a place that can use a regime change. The government in Khartoum has definitely lost its right to rule. First there was the genocide of Christians in the south, but now there is Darfur. A government that blatantly funds and willfully contributes to attacks on its own citizens has forfeited its right to be a government.

I just had the opportunity to watch a student presentation on Darfur here at St. Francis Xavier. Here are a few things I learned.
Over two millions people displaced.
In 2006 the UN approved 17,000 troops for Darfur. The catch? It was only if Sudan allowed it. Another example of the ineffectiveness of that particular body.
The presence of oil in Sudan is causing countries such as China and Russian to directly and indirectly fund this genocide. What’s worse? Our trade with these nations contributes to the Genocide. We are indirectly responsible.

So what can you or I do? The list of websites I got from the presentation were:
sdcanada.org (Save Darfur Canada)

It’s time to do something.


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