Friday Five #6: Governed by the Dead.

February 1, 2008

Today we have my top 5 dead folks who won a ballot. I can’t imagine what you’d say to your kids or grandkids. “I ran for politics once, I lost… Nope, he really had nothing on me, I mean, I had a pulse.” To be honest these were found only because I was looking for #1, amazing how often it happens though.

#5 Jacquelyn Morrow Lewis Ledgerwood, weeks after death, took the primary runoff spot allowing her to advance in New York. Being a 69 year old homemaker the fact that she was in the running at all is pretty impressive. The fact that she was dead and came second is even more impressive. That she didn’t actually come first means she only comes fifth in today’s top five.

#4 Another runner up, taking 20% of the vote even with signs in polling stations saying she was dead, was Kathy Augustine. Losing by 23%, it must still be disconcerting for Mark DeStefano to know that one in five members of his constituency chose a dead lady over him. Because she lost she also can go no higher.

#3 In New Jersey, Joseph DeFalco, a high school principal took one of five seats on the Hackensack city council. He had suffered a fatal heart attack the night before the election.

#3 In South Dakota Marie Steichen defeated incumbent Merlin Feistner. The loser was already in office and still lost to a dead woman. His constituency must have hated him.

#1 John Ashcroft (Rep) loss to Mel Carnahan (Deceased). Robin Williams quipped, “The choices were John Ashcroft or a dead guy and the people said, ‘Sorry John, the dead guy’s less scary’.” This was the story I went looking for that turned up all these other stories. This is definitely the highest profile and the highest campaigning level (Senate) where a dead person won.


One comment

  1. Also makes you wonder what the electorate think their poiticians DO ….

    I’d be curious to know if there are any Canadian examples….

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