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He is risen indeed

March 23, 2008

and on this hangs everything.


Out of the shadows

March 18, 2008

If ever so briefly.  Suffice to say that I have 4 major essays, exams, and smaller assignments bogging me down right now.  Hence the lack of posts.

Anyway, I’m coming back on here to briefly share a thought.  I’m amazed how many bloggers are posting the video and full text of Barack Obama’s (amazing) speech.  They do this without providing commentary.  To anyone who did this: thanks but I can find it myself.  So far as I can tell the whole point of blogging is to share opinion or reveal information.  When a blog search trying to find what people’s thoughts are on the speech only reveals page after page of full text transcriptions too many people have missed the point.

Now back to papers and sleeping and papers…


Status Quo Maintained.

March 4, 2008

In Alberta the Conservatives have taken their 11th mandate to form a government. The Conservative party is in its 37th year as the Government of Alberta. This iteration will take them past the 40 year mark. I guess you can say there has been a lot of good done by this Government. The province is debt free and has the lowest tax rates in Canada. It is a paragon of financial success. However, even as a conservative, I have to wonder if maybe that amount of time in power is unhealthy for a party. A party that is too comfortable governing seems counterintuitive to democracy. The people of Alberta seem to be increasingly apathetic to their governance demonstrated by their low election turnout. I guess if it ain’t broken don’t fix it, but is a single party province really functioning democracy?


Back to the Grind.

March 3, 2008

I accomplished many things over reading week.  I managed to watch all of “The Office” from the first episode right to the last one before the Writer’s Strike.  Actually, that was about all I accomplished.  With midterms before and watching an entire series during reading week I got a little negligent here.  There are a few things on my mind that I’m working on but haven’t been fully borne.

This week promises to be interesting on the political scene.  I have to say I’m pretty excited for tomorrow, we could see the race clinched for my favorite democratic nominee; Obama is looking good.  As well today we have the elections in Alberta that could, but probably won’t see the end of almost forty years of Conservative Rule.  Finally, Harper is suing Dion, Ignatieff, and a few other high ranking Liberals, as well as the Liberal party, for libel.  It appears the Liberals will raise a clamor over anything, verified or not, trying to get Canadians to forget their little fiasco in Quebec.  But hey, that’s Politics.