Why I won’t be getting an iPhone.

June 29, 2008

It pains me to say this, it really does.

I won’t be getting an iPhone.  I was looking forward to retiring a few items I would be replacing with my iPhone.  Things like my rather antiquated iPod, my cell phone, even my Nintendo DS.  I thought, given the plans everywhere else in the world, that maybe Rogers would offer a decent plan.  I was wrong.  I’ve spent the last few days trying to convince myself that purchasing the iPhone would still be a good idea, but to be honest even the cheapest (mandatory) plan doesn’t include enough of what I need to justify the purchase.  It isn’t even data I really need but a decent amount of text messages and call display, both of which just become added expenses on an already expensive plan.

So here is what I’m hoping:  So far all the evidence seems to be pointing to a massive dissatisfaction with what Rogers is offering.  I hope that people, even apple freaks like me, realize that we’re being screwed and don’t buy the iPhone.  If demand is slack rogers will be forced to rethink their strategy and reprice.

If that fails I have another hope.  This is that when the ongoing spectrum sale by industry Canada comes to an end we will see the emergence of another national carrier with GSM capability.  Heck, I even hope Bell gets in on the action.  Only when there is real competition will prices go down, but I’m not holding my breath.

My only consolation is that by 2009 there will hopefully be a newer, better iPhone.  An iPhone with plans I can afford.

Some links that brought me to this conclusion.
iPhone in Canada: iPhone pricing incurs Internet Revolts
Matthew Wingram: Rogers iPhone, Get a Second Mortgage
Update: Commenter Roger has a post where he breaks down some of the numbers here, also encourages people to sign a petition here.  I should mention that this petition is also pointed to by iPhone in Canada as well.



  1. Hey don’t forget me in your links 🙂

    Also there is a petition and I think you should mention it since that is a good way to prove dissatisfaction.


    Good article and lets keep up the attention on this issue, its already been in the newspaper cycle today. Lets keep it up.

  2. I’ve been on the fence with this one… thanks for pushing me over.

  3. I wanted one too. Been an ‘Apple freak’ for my entire life and the entire life of Apple…but as much as I appreciate what they’ve done for my lifestyle, I won’t fall for being more connected than I already am to the online world. In fact, I’m scaling back a good 80% as far as aimless browsing and personal information that I’m putting online.

  4. Sucks for you.

  5. I get where you are coming from but I am getting one.

  6. You can have hope but will need to be patient. I had to wait about 2 years for the right plan from T-Mobile to get a blackberry that works perfectly well in the US and Europe without paying extra for roaming or data. I’m all Mac and the blackberry is no iphone but the curve (8820) is certainly good enough. At $150 for the unit and $100/month all you can eat it was the deal for me. When there is a $100/month plan for the iPhone that is unlimited and includes both the US and Europe I’ll probably move to it but my guess is that it’s two years away.

  7. Hey all, thanks for the comments.

    Mike, I’m glad I pushed you over the fence, the more holdouts there are the faster the rates will come down.

    Tasithoughts, You will definitely enjoy the phone. I’m glad you can afford the plans. The only thing is that it will be people who buy into this plan that a) get screwed and b) allow Rogers to get away with its exorbitant rates.

    Kris, I think you’re right about being patient. Prices will come down, especially as in Canada over the next two years we’ll be seeing the emergence of more competition as opposed to only one carrier being able to support the iPhone. Competition can only help bring prices down.

  8. In continuing the anti-cell phone plan discussion, Bell (my current provider) and Telus have announced that they will be charging $.15 per incoming text message for their pay-as-you go users beginning in August. This is truly outrageous as one cannot control when an incoming message is sent and thus will be charged regardless of the necessity of this message.

    Either I am somehow going to have to shut down my text messaging (I doubt it can be done) because this new pricing regime will leave me with no money for basic calls or I am finally going to tell Bell that they won’t be receiving my business anymore. I somewhat look forward to the latter.

  9. I would looooooooove an iPhone…… absolutely adore the device…… but absolutely HATE Rogers:
    – Their Outrageous rate plans
    – Their Outrageous contract length: 3 years
    And one of the reasons which makes me hate them even more:
    They block your iPhone – I’m asking everyone: isn’t that against freedom? don’t you own your phone after paying $199 or $299 + tax for your phone, as well as a minimum of 70+ bucks a month for 3 years??
    What gives them the right to block your phone?????
    By the way, I was just in France recently – you can get your iPhone (16GB) for 129 euros (tax included), with a 2 year plan and a minimum rate plan of 30 euros…. pretty disgusting how much money Rogers must be making with those iPhones….. I just can’t wait until there is more competition on the market to kick them in the butt!
    I love the iPhone, but won’t give Rogers the satisfaction of getting one more customer with me!

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