Is this being poetical?

November 24, 2008

I’ve decided to start writing each sentence as its own paragraph.

I think that will make me more poetic.

It should also increase my efficiency at reaching minimum page counts.

It may negatively affect my grades.



  1. Mind you, you could, instead, choose to make each paragraph a sentence, whereby, through lots of subordination, semicolons, and coordinating conjunctions, you could extend the length of each sentence enormously simply by combining many sentences into one, thus resulting in something such as that which I’ve just written; this method could, in fact, even get you good grades, depending on the marker, since some of them love complex, compound, and, in all other ways, LONG sentences, and as long as your long sentence is comprehensible, they will think that, rather than simply experimenting or not knowing how to make short sentences, you have good style, thus bumping your marks up a bit, unless you get a marker who prefers short sentences, in which you case you run into a bit of trouble, I suppose, but I know someone for whom it worked, and it’s worth a try.

  2. Maybe you could ghostwrite for Rob Bell!

  3. That would be cool.

    He uses ghostwriters?

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