I dreamed of coalitions…

December 4, 2008

Or maybe it was a nightmare.  Who knows?  I’ve been following the Full Comment blog from the National Post and have realized two things.  A) I’m more conservative than the moderate I used to think I was. B) The coalition makes me nervous.

I had written an entire post about the coalition and why I didn’t like it.  I suppose come January I may actually need to post it but seeing as the Governor General has prorogued parliament I doubt I will.  I think the coalition will fall apart as the liberals, especially the leadership contenders, realize just how bad it looks to be in bed with the Bloc, especially to westerners.

Let’s be honest, nobody, except the Bloc, gets out of this current debacle unscathed.  Harper made a couple of really dumb moves.  Especially his obviously partisan decision to cut public funding to political parties.  The conservatives look bad, and can only look worse the more desperate they appear to stay in power.  If this coalition somehow manages to survive into January, and even if they do not, it has sullied the reputations of the NDP and Liberals.


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  1. See, this is why I read the Globe.

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