Brant’s Back!

December 9, 2008


I’ve never met the guy, but I can’t explain how excited I am to be reading new things from him again.  If you haven’t read him yet you must.  From his latest, on Europe:

Study much, and you’ll see:  A sure sign a culture is finished is when children are viewed in cost/benefit terms, rather than a blessing from God.  And guess what?  Kids usually fail the cost/benefit analysis, when your Volvo is setting you back hundreds of Euros a month.  Plus, they really cramp your Euro-cool lifestyle.

Americans who love Europe, who want to emulate Europe, who admire Europe, need to cram in all the love and admiration quick-like.  Europe doesn’t work.  It’s not going to be around much longer.  This is not my guess, this is the simple math:  They’re not having kids, folks.

No kids, no culture.  And the math — they’re WAY below replacement rate, and have been — is the future.  Last one out, turn off the lights.

This is why I love the guy.  Brilliant analysis, but in other posts he can be bitingly funny.  So now that he is blogging again, I recommend you read him.



  1. And *I* continue to be honored that you think I’m worth the time.

    You know what? We need to contrive some kind of Big Ministry Conference Thing and invite your dad and get together and goof off.

  2. Far out — there’s a picture of my boy accompanying this comment. I didn’t expect that, but it’s kinda awesome.

  3. WordPress somehow magically knew to use your Son on commenting? Strange, but they do make blogging easy. I agree with you that we should have a “Big Ministry Conference Thing” I’d recommend Toronto for the Venue, but to be honest Florida is a lot nicer this time of year.

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