Harper may have trouble

December 11, 2008

I should be studying, and I feel like hell with a dratted head cold that came at the worst possible moment, but I feel the need to comment for some unknown reason on Iggy.  Which is apparently the nickname for Michael Ignatieff.

I like him.

I know what he’s got going against him, and a quick read anywhere will list those things in a negative or apologetic light.  But in the few interviews I’ve watched him in he exudes something that until recently only Harper had in Canadian politics: leadership.

This means that Harper is going to have to be a bit more careful, Ignatieff doesn’t look like someone easily pushed around.  Which means we might actually see some sort of give and take in politics, which is critical in a minority parliament.

Oh, and Ignatieff is a Toronto MP.  Which means he could be a Toronto Prime Minister, we haven’t had one of those in a long time.



  1. And he’s my MP. Maybe we’ll get a new museum or something in Etobicoke South!

    • A new museum would be cool. Some urban funding and addressing the billions of dollars gap between what Toronto pays in taxes and gets back federally would also be really cool

  2. I have reservations about his judgment regarding his Iraq support – although I take it that is one of the things you mentioned that is usually listed against him.

    PS Nice picture, full of gravity.

  3. Hi James, Thanks for the comment.
    His judgement about Iraq is one of the things weighed against him. I see him as being pragmatic though… and let’s be honest, at the time, a lot of people thought it was the right thing to do.

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