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What’s a teacher to do?

January 30, 2009

I thought this was an interesting article from The Star.  It’s discussing the current, underreported contract negotiations between the High School teacher’s union in Toronto and the Board of Education.

This is just the latest absurdity in the province’s convoluted bargaining system. The province holds the purse strings and sets the rules that pre-determine what kind of deals can be reached and when. The province should be the one at the negotiating table legally responsible for signing contracts with teacher unions – not the boards.

I have to agree.  If the province controls the money they should be the one’s negotiating.  It would make them directly accountable to the voters, unlike the Board of Education.


1300 Casualties

January 30, 2009

And some of them were from Hamas themselves.

A Palestinian has accused Islamist Hamas militants in control of the Gaza Strip of torturing and killing his brother for publicly criticising them.

It’s sad because I caught the tail end of a lecture the other day that made me feel a little sad for the Palestinians, but keep in mind, they elected Hamas.


Richard John Neuhaus

January 15, 2009

It is hard to believe.  Although I’ve drifted into other reading I will always be grateful for this man’s ability to make the unclear clear, and to explain just what was at stake with a world throwing belief out the window.  His conversion and apologetics for the Catholic church caused me to get as close as I’ll ever be to becoming a Roman Catholic.  His passing a few weeks ago shocked me.  I know he is in a better place; I just can’t help thinking, “who will take his place?”  I pray someone will but we don’t often get a mind like Richard’s.


Small thoughts from a small mind?

January 14, 2009

I sometimes wish I could just use twitter as a blog.  I can rarely maintain concentration long enough to get a thought to the point it is worthy of sharing.  I guess I can call that the greatest joy of A.D.D.  I have lots of little big thoughts, but I can never get them long enough to not just Tweet them.  I enjoy sharing stuff and seeing what comes back.  Whether it is here or facebook (my blogs here get imported onto Facebook).  Anyway, this is mainly just an explanation for why the blog posts from me are rare these days.  Maybe someday this will become a more active place.


This is why editors matter

January 11, 2009

I just read an article talking about Obama making Canada his first international trip as President.

These were two of the top three comments.

Jenson J. Wrote:

WHY? Answer that question first!

From past U.S. attitude and deads the only time the U.S.A. has anything of value and goodness to say about Canada and Canadians is when we are doing what they want or that they want something or want us to do something for them that they feel we won’t be inclined to do for them!

Not counting the past two U.S. Administrations which insulted, trashed, villanized, pinalized and came just close to giving all Canadians the bird out side of those in our Military that have died.

He is not doing this for the U.S. public.

I’m really not sure what this guy was trying to get across, clarity obviously was not his forte.

MSS-CA wrote:

oh_ouch wrote:wrote:
U.S. president-elect Barack Obama plans to travel to Canada because of Prime Minister Harper and the Conservatives. so there!
ONLY the Republicans and Conservatives can have 17 year old daughters pregnant (or 17 year old mothers) and yet speak against sex education. I am sure that Mr. Obama decided to come here because he realized that people who can see Russia from their homes are dumb like Mr. Harper! Easy to deal with neo-conservatives!

Oh… by the way, if a Republican OR a Conservative have a under age daughter who is pregnant, it is gift from god. If a Liberal or a Communist have a under age daughter pregnant, it is bad parenting! ha ha… 🙂 Mr. Obama is smart to realized that conservatives still believe that that world is flat and the world is center of the universe like the bible says!

Thanks for that MSS-CA.  Somehow Obama coming to Canada can logically flow into calling all conservatives dolts.  That makes sense.

The sad thing is these people probably have blogs where they spew their unintelligible garbage constantly.  And this is why the mainstream media will always have a leg up.  It keeps us from having to read the morons as often as one does blundering around the blogosphere.