Study Break #3

April 14, 2009

Alright, I’m busy learning about the Middle Ages.  You can see how successful that is from my recent twitter comment about it.  I decided to check out John Mayer’s site where he is somewhat regularly posting about his recording process.  This is kind of fun to watch.  His latest video post demonstrates taking three classic songs and creating something entirely new.  It falls somewhere in the gray area between brutal and brilliant.  

In other news I’m happy to see he’s playing a telecaster, even if it is a really screwed up one. 



  1. What’s up man? I liked your blog, so I added you to our list a few days back.

    LazyEverdays.com is starting an online film contest for cash rewards. We’re looking to get the word out through fellow bloggers. If you or anyone you know makes films, tell them to check this out…


    Take care!

  2. Hey Man, thanks for the link love. I’m still trying to understand your style, but it is pretty funny. I’ll post your site as soon as you get some details on this film contest thing. It sounds exciting.

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