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Taking Blogging Seriously

June 9, 2009

I would love to write more.   I would love to put provocative, witty, and intelligent posts up on a daily basis.   I just can’t.  I think it is because I take blogging seriously.  If bloggers are going to be taken seriously then to a certain extent we have to take this thing we do seriously.  So I try not to be lazy and actually find sources that confirm what I say.  I read lots and comment little… I blog even less.  This is because I try to ensure that my posts find some sort of grammatical and logical coherence.  I still believe in capitalization, periods, and spellchecks.  I have some difficulty with paragraphs, but I’m working on it.  

I blog little because I want to blog write well.  Maybe this defeats the point of blogging, but if all I leave is this little corner of cyberspace I would like it to not embarrass me posthumously.


Fixing a broken system.

November 18, 2008

There is nothing worse than hearing good ideas and knowing they will be ignored.  This is from Microclesia’s A Debased Liberty.

One thing is clear – creating massive amounts of new debt to bail out a failed financial system is insanity. We are buying temporary relief, while further propping up an unsustainable future.

We should instead be focusing our efforts on creating a new kind of capitalism that seeks to immediately prioritize the fundamental needs of all stakeholders, creates airtight disincentive to personal and corporate greed, mandates leverage limits (ALL types of debt: individual, corporate, legislative, equity markets) at conservative levels – while encouraging human creativity towards the development of long-term sustainable systems and energy alternatives.