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Darn You Rogers and your lying ways.

August 23, 2009

About four and a half weeks ago I ordered an iPhone from Rogers.  The guy I ordered from assured me that it would be two weeks before I had it, at the most four.  I called them a week and a half ago and was told that the customer service guy who assured me it wouldn’t be that long before I got mine, apparently there were rumors of a shipment coming soon, didn’t really know… that it will actually be closer to six weeks.  I was waiting until this weekend to see if it would actually show up but it still has not.  I’m very annoyed for multiple reasons.  First, I’m annoyed that I have to stay with rogers because they extended my contract a year ago without telling my Dad they were doing that, and secondly, that they blatantly lied to me about how long it would take to get a new iPhone.  Only once I’d given them the money did they tell me it would take this long.  I’m now stuck with this lying company for three years.  Great.


Why I won’t be getting an iPhone.

June 29, 2008

It pains me to say this, it really does.

I won’t be getting an iPhone.  I was looking forward to retiring a few items I would be replacing with my iPhone.  Things like my rather antiquated iPod, my cell phone, even my Nintendo DS.  I thought, given the plans everywhere else in the world, that maybe Rogers would offer a decent plan.  I was wrong.  I’ve spent the last few days trying to convince myself that purchasing the iPhone would still be a good idea, but to be honest even the cheapest (mandatory) plan doesn’t include enough of what I need to justify the purchase.  It isn’t even data I really need but a decent amount of text messages and call display, both of which just become added expenses on an already expensive plan.

So here is what I’m hoping:  So far all the evidence seems to be pointing to a massive dissatisfaction with what Rogers is offering.  I hope that people, even apple freaks like me, realize that we’re being screwed and don’t buy the iPhone.  If demand is slack rogers will be forced to rethink their strategy and reprice.

If that fails I have another hope.  This is that when the ongoing spectrum sale by industry Canada comes to an end we will see the emergence of another national carrier with GSM capability.  Heck, I even hope Bell gets in on the action.  Only when there is real competition will prices go down, but I’m not holding my breath.

My only consolation is that by 2009 there will hopefully be a newer, better iPhone.  An iPhone with plans I can afford.

Some links that brought me to this conclusion.
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Update: Commenter Roger has a post where he breaks down some of the numbers here, also encourages people to sign a petition here.  I should mention that this petition is also pointed to by iPhone in Canada as well.