Villify them!

December 2, 2008

This article by David Frum on Bush’s legacies is an interesting one.  I’ve started to wonder whether the general hatred of Bush stems mainly from his communication issues and the decision to invade Iraq.  It also made me question my own attitudes towards those I want to villify. I really liked fact 6.

6)  Economic conservatives like me may not like it much, but for many millions of senior citizens, George Bush’s most important legacy is a national prescription-drug program that relieves those over 65 of the fear that they cannot afford the medications they need.

Also left out was the No Child Left Behind act.  Whose outcome can be seen in a recent Atlantic profile on the Washington D.C. school’s chancellor Michelle Rhee.

I am not immune to villifying people.  I think what is most critical though is giving them a fair hearing and weighing the pros and cons, instead of dismissing the pros (or the cons).  So I will do my best to approach the impending coup d’etat coalition government with an open mind.

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